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Yarn – Being Bitchy and unstable is just part of my mystique – Yarn Bowl – 4 in.


Discover the joy of being unapologetically you with Pawley Studios’ “Being Bitchy and Unstable is Just Part of My Mystique” piece! A salute to individuality, this handcrafted, durable ceramic mug is as unique as you. Microwave and dishwasher-safe, it’s practical for every mood and perfect for your daily brew. Celebrate your mystique with this lead-free, eco-friendly mug, crafted with love in Southern Kentucky. Hurry and grab yours; these spunky mugs are selling out fast! Celebrate your charm and quirkiness with every sip!

Hello, sass aficionados and purveyors of the unpredictable! Straight from the roguishly charming kilns of Southern Kentucky, Pawley Studios is overjoyed to introduce our cheeky salute to unapologetic individuality – our audacious “Being Bitchy and Unstable is Just Part of My Mystique” 4-inch yarn bowl!

This isn’t just a mug, dear non-conformists. It’s a 4-inch yarn bowl badge of honor, a ceramic tribute to the delightful unpredictability and undeniable charisma that make you, you. Every sip from this handcrafted mug feels like a hearty cheer to the complex layers that define us, reinforcing the charm of being a tad bit offbeat.

But the allure of this mug isn’t limited to its quirky design. Shaped with as much precision as your unique personality, this high-quality ceramic mug is a beacon of durability and practicality. It’s microwave and dishwasher-safe, built to weather the storm of your every mood swing, and ready to embrace your mystique.

Stamped with the playful quip “Being Bitchy and Unstable is Just Part of My Mystique”, this mug is more than a vessel for your preferred brew, it’s a declaration of self-love. It’s as vibrant as your multifaceted personality and as comforting as embracing your true self. Pawley Studios’ craftsmanship combines Southern Kentucky’s ceramic heritage with the spirited charm of individuality.

With a commitment to your safety as firm as your commitment to staying true to yourself, Pawley Studios ensures your 4-inch yarn bowl “Being Bitchy and Unstable is Just Part of My Mystique” mug is lead-free and eco-friendly, promising a safe and vivacious drinking experience.

So, whether you’re brewing a strong cup of coffee to fuel your unpredictable day, or sipping on calming tea after a whirlwind of events, do it with our microwave and dishwasher-safe “Being Bitchy and Unstable is Just Part of My Mystique” 20-ounce mug. But act faster than a mood swing, darlings, these spunky mugs are selling quicker than hot gossip. Order yours today, and celebrate the mystique that makes you uniquely you!

Care Instructions

Food Safe Glazes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. We use food-safe glazes and clay on all our drinkware so you can fuel up without worry!

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