Southern – My old Kentucky Home Yarn Bell – 8 in


Experience the perfect blend of art and function with Pawley Studios’ Handmade Kentucky Pottery. Dishwasher safe and microwave-friendly, this ceramic pottery brings a taste of the Bluegrass State right to your table!

Welcome to Pawley Studios, your number one source for uniquely crafted pottery in the spirit of Kentucky! Our ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ pottery line is not just a purchase, it’s a statement about your love for timeless elegance and Kentucky tradition.

Each piece from this collection is expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans who share your love for both durability and beauty. This isn’t just pottery – it’s a marriage of function and art that’s as sturdy as the Kentucky spirit itself.

Our ceramics are lead-free, ensuring they are as safe as they are stunning. We take pride in creating products that are not only safe for your family but also kind to the environment. Yes, our pottery is as eco-friendly as a bluegrass meadow!

Now, let’s talk functionality. Our ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ pottery pieces are heat resistant and microwave-friendly, ensuring they stand up to your modern needs. We know that cleaning up should be as breezy as a Kentucky sunrise, so rest assured, our pottery is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Don’t just eat your meals – elevate them. Order your ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ pottery today and enjoy the durable, unique, and artistically superior craftsmanship that only comes from Pawley Studios.”

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Care Instructions

Food Safe Glazes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. We use food-safe glazes and clay on all our drinkware so you can fuel up without worry!

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