knit – knitologist – 10 oz. mug


Discover the delightful Knitters Pottery by Pawley Studios. Handmade with love, our microwave and dishwasher safe pottery is perfect for cozy knitting sessions. Explore our unique “Knitologist!” design and enjoy functional art at its finest.

This points the emblem away from the holder. A right handed person would have it facing away when held. by default mugs are made right handed.

Looking for the perfect gift for the knit enthusiast in your life? Look no further than Knitters Pottery by Pawley Studios! Crafted with love and care, our handmade pottery is both microwave and dishwasher safe, making it the ideal choice for cozy evenings with a warm cup of tea and a knitting project.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans, ensuring its uniqueness and artistic appeal. The “Knitologist!” design on the pottery adds a playful touch, celebrating the art of knitting with a dash of humor. Made with food-safe glazes and without any lead-based materials, our pottery guarantees a worry-free experience.

Pawley Studios takes pride in creating functional art, and Knitters Pottery is no exception. Whether you’re savoring a hot beverage, enjoying a bowl of soup, or showcasing your knitting supplies, this durable stoneware pottery is up to the task. Say goodbye to worries about microwave mishaps or tedious handwashing – our pottery is designed to withstand the daily demands of modern life.

Each piece of Knitters Pottery is hand-thrown, ensuring its exceptional quality and attention to detail. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns are expertly applied, resulting in a truly remarkable work of art. With its “Knitologist!” inscription, this pottery is a statement piece that captures the spirit of knitting in a fun and whimsical way.

At Pawley Studios, we believe in offering high-quality handmade pottery that brings joy to your everyday life. Order your Knitters Pottery today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression. Surprise the knitting enthusiasts in your life or treat yourself to a piece of pottery that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Care Instructions

Food Safe Glazes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. We use food-safe glazes and clay on all our drinkware so you can fuel up without worry!

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