Common Phrases


I knit so I don’t kill people

I crochet so I don’t kill people

I weave so I don’t kill people

I spin so I don’t kill people

I quilt so I don’t kill people

Yarn is cheaper than therapy

Fabric is cheaper than therapy

Life’s too short to use cheap yarn

Eat sleep knit

Eat sleep crochet

Eat sleep quilt

Eat sleep spin

Knit fast die warm

Knit fast dye warm




I (heart) yarn

I (heart) fabric

I (heart) Fiber

(Heart) to knit

(Heart) to crochet

(Heart) to quilt

(Heart) to weave

I’d rather be knitting (crocheting)(quilting)(weaving)(spinning)(needlepionting)(crafting)(sewing)

I like big balls and I cannot lie

Knitting takes balls

Knotty hooker

I’m knotty

I like a good fingering

Knit happens

Warning! Warped weaver!

Spinning: because knitting just isn’t weird enough

Weaving: because knitting just isn’t weird enough

K2P2 for her pleasure

Shhh! I’m counting

Yarn snob

Yarn Diva

If I sits I knits


Have you any Wool?

Will work for yarn (Fiber)(fabric)

Sheep (graphic)

Alpaca (graphic)

Bunny (graphic)

Yarn ball (graphic)

Latch hook (graphic)

No skein no gain

I’m sexy & I sew it

Yarrrrn! (Graphic)

(Peace)(heart)(yarn) graphic

I like a good fingering yarn


Fuck off, I’m knitting (crocheting)(quilting)(weaving)(spinning)(needle pointing)(crafting)(sewing)(dying)

Knit ‘n bitch

Fuck ewe too!

Crafty bitch

Crafty as fuck

F-bomb (graphic)


Talk nerdy to me

Caffeine molecule (graphic)

May the Force (mass x acceleration) be with you

Doctor Who

Police Box (graphic)

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey

Dalek (graphic) Extermi-Knit!

K-9 (graphic)

Time lord script (graphic)

Nevertheless, she regenerated


Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming knit faster!

I KNIT and I know things

I am the god (goddess) of knits and wine

Goddess of yarn and wine


Sherlock Holmes silhouette (graphic)

I am SHER locked (graphic)

Shhh…I’m in my mind palace

Improbable truth quote

MoriarTea (graphic)

Harry Potter

Accio Yarn (coffee)(tea)

Master has knitted Dobby a sock!

Espresso Patronum



House crest (Gryffindor)(Hufflepuff)(Ravenclaw)(Slytherin)

The yarn chooses the knitter


Dark Mark (graphic)

Star Wars

May the Fleece be With you

I am one with the yarn, and the yarn is with me

A long time ago, in a yarn stash far, far, away

That’s no Moon! That’s my yarn stash!

Star Trek

Gen 1 graphic red, blue, or yellow

Knit long and prosper

Make it Sew


Lallybroch Wool Co. (graphic)


Lady Broch Taurach

Je Suis Pret (graphic)

Frasier’s Ridge, NC (graphic)

A Malcom (graphic)

Lord of the Rings

Elvish Script

Prancing Pony (graphic)

Green Dragon Inn (graphic) (10oz only)

Not all those who wander are lost

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